Briton Fabricators Ltd is the first company in the UK to acquire the new Ficep Gemini 254 PG automated CNC machine. The purchase of the machine for plate working has allowed Briton Fabricators to reduce plate cutting, marking, drilling, milling, tapping and bevelling time and cost with unprecedented accuracy to less than 0.1mm. With the ability to handle up to 80mm thick plate and an 18 metre travel bed length, Briton Fabricators Ltd can now quickly mass produce plates for any purpose with a substantial reduction of wastage.

Briton Fabricators have an extensive range of plant and equipment at our disposal. Our two Plants are furnished with all the tools and equipment necessary to complete all projects we undertake. These include:

  • 2no 5tn, 9no 10tn, 1no 15tn, 1no 20tn Inside cranes
  • Band and Alligator Saws
  • Steel workers
  • Arm Drills
  • Profilers
  • 5no 10tn Outside cranes
  • 7.5tn Lorry
  • 4 Transit Vans
  • 2no Cherry Pickers
  • Side Loading 14tn Combilift
  • 80tn Lorry with Varying Trailers

Briton Fabricators Ltd.

Park Place,
Robey Close
Nottingham NG15 8AA

t: 0115 963 2901
f: 0115 968 0335


  1. Stratford Renovation Alex Walsh 09-Dec-2010
  2. Machine Revolution Alex Walsh 29-Oct-2010
  3. M1 Widening Alex Walsh 23-Sep-2010

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