Plant 1

Address: Watnall Road
NG15 6EP

Plant 1 is located just 10 minutes from the M1 J26 and has over 2000m² of fabrication floorspace. With extensive grounds, Britons Plant 1 boasts an impressive 23000m² storage yard for bulk storage or holding areas.

Plant 2

Address: Fulwood Road South
NG17 2JW
Telephone: 01159 632901
Fax: 01159 680335

Briton Fabricators Ltd expanded operations to a second plant in 2009 located in Huthwaite, West of Mansfield. Plant 2 is the Head Office of Briton Fabricators Ltd comprising of 900m² of offices, 3500m² of fabrication floorspace, 2250m² of Fit Out Facility and nearly 4000m² of outside storage.

The Fit Out Facility at this plant is part of Britons 'One Night Erection' System (B.ONE.S). This innovative system minimises the impact during delivery and installation of gantries by providing off site AMI, Wiring, ADS Signs and DEE Platforms. In line with Briton Fabricators constant drive to improve Health and Safety, the system reduces critical operations usually carried out on site and contains all installation orks under one subcontractor.

For full details on how this development can benefit your scheme please contact Briton Fabricators on 01159 632901 or

Briton Fabricators Ltd.

Park Place,
Robey Close
Nottingham NG15 8AA

t: 0115 963 2901
f: 0115 968 0335


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