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Briton Fabricators Ltd pride ourselves on quality and efficiency. Early Contract Involvement (ECI) enhances the Value Management Process providing efficient design, build and installation services. With an impressive range of past contracts to draw upon, Britons can gain knowledge and experience to Design, Build and Install the perfect bridge that meets the customer's needs, wants and budget. We have manufactured bridges for various specifications including Pedestrian, Equestrian, Road, Rail and Steel Composite.

Traditional Warren and Vierendeel designs are still the most cost effective solution to long span footbridge design; with current designs frequently exceeding 50 metres in overall span. Where landmark structures are required we are able to offer design solutions such as Cable stayed, or Bow arch, achieving a more Aesthetic look to the main span dynamics. Coupled with various toned / coloured paint systems, decking, and or cladding / parapet materials, bridge designs can be tailored to suit every environment.

With an ever increasing need to span further, reducing on site foundation costs; Britons designers are fully aware of the needs of the client and become an integral part to the success of any scheme. Designing bridges on a daily basis keeps us abreast of the continuing design code improvements, and our experience allows us to capture true efficiencies with our understanding of bridge Aerodynamics and performance.

Steel Composite Bridges are becoming increasingly required for structures more suited to a rural environment, allowing the use of timber parapets and decks to soften the aesthetic look of a structure where a steel structure is too harsh for the landscape.

European Redwood and Ekki hardwood are the most commonly used. Deck planks / panels are available with varying types of non slip surfacing; ranging from simple grooved planks (with or without inserts) to flat sheets with resin bonded aggregates such as Durite or Bauxite. GRP is available for those bridges requiring complex shaped panels with a steel substructure.

Britons has vast experience manufacturing and installing railway bridges. These can be for pedestrian application but increasingly are designs for U-Deck bridges. Our designers are highly trained with the knowledge and understanding to design even the most complex of bridges for bespoke applications.


View our successfully completed gantry projects here.

Portal, cantilever, full access, non-access, triangular, Gifford, MS4, MS3, EMS etc. are all words and phrase commonly used to describe the various range of Motorway and Railway sign / signal gantries currently in use on Britain's motorway & railway network.

At the fore front of design and fabrication in this specialist market Britons knowledge and experience will ensure that your required superstructure will not only be economical, but will cater for all current load cases; collision loading to trestles, cable routing, and supports for CCTV, Enforcement Cameras, etc. together with the Highways Agencies full range of fixed text, prism and electronic signs. (MS4, MS3, CMI, AMI, Matrix).

In developing gantry designs careful consideration is always given to the whole life costing for the gantries, as clients are continually committed to ensure structures are cost effective for their design life. Independent cost exercises have proven to favour steel in what seems to be an ever increasing majority.

Briton Fabricators Ltd predominantly use the co-designed Giffords Portal Gantry. Our constant innovative steel solutions has lead us to design a range of cost effective, lightweight and quality gantries to provide improved build ability, feasibility and installation while reducing costs.

Our unique Gantry Fit Out Facility and Britons 'One Night Erection' System (B.ONE.S) reduces road closures, traffic management and risk allowing the gantry to be transported to site fitted out with AMI, DEE platforms, Lighting, Wiring, cladding and all 'ADS' Signage. Improved Health and Safety and the successful implementation on past contracts has proven the system valuable to the future of gantry design, build and installation.

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