Briton Fabricators Ltd has over 30 years experience in manufacturing Bridges. Click the picture to explore our completed projects including Cable Stayed, Bow, Warren, Vierendeel and Mechanical Bridges.


As one of the market leaders in the Design, Build and Installation of motorway Gantries, Britons have a vast experience of producing quality, cost effective Gantries. Click the picture to browse our past projects.


Briton Fabricators has increased its range of services offered over the years to include most types of steelwork. These include portal extensions, station steelwork and blast proofing. Click the picture to discover our successfully completed projects.


Briton Fabricators Ltd.

Park Place,
Robey Close
Nottingham NG15 8AA

t: 0115 963 2901
f: 0115 968 0335


  1. Stratford Renovation Alex Walsh 09-Dec-2010
  2. Machine Revolution Alex Walsh 29-Oct-2010
  3. M1 Widening Alex Walsh 23-Sep-2010

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