Gantry Capabilities include:
Motorway Portal Gantries up to 70 metres, Full access Gantries, Non-access Gantries, Cantilever MS3 and MS4 Gantries, Rail Signal Gantries, Gantry Dismantles, Gantry Refurbishments, AMI, DEE, Signs, Lighting and Electrics fitted prior to installation using our unique Fit Out Facility.

Briton Fabricators Ltd are market leaders in the Design, Build and Installation of Gantries with over 30 years experience. With our innovative Britons 'One Night Erection' System (B.ONE.S), we are able to reduce costs and potential problems while increasing safety. Please contact our estimating department who will be happy to discuss any project with you from Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) to Installation.

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