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Briton Fabricators Ltd are established market leaders in the Design, Build and Installation of Bridges and Gantries. With the employment of designers, fabricators and installers with expertise in structural and general steelwork, our capabilities now include an impressive repertoire of steelwork fabrications including portal building extension, fan assemblies, station steelwork and airport link bridges.

Staircases and access ramps form a major role within the Steelwork Projects. Besides regular inclusion within Rail and Footbridges, Staircases and access ramps are becoming repeatedly requested for large scale, refurbishment and standalone projects. Large scale projects such as Portsmouth Hospital Improvement Scheme saw Britons complete the Helipad Steelwork and Access Ramps as part of the major scheme with subsequent work on a Link Bridge due to the exceptional standard and value that the client received.

Composite materials are increasingly used in the manufacture of steel structures to provide a modern and aesthetic appearance while in fitting with the environment. Briton Fabricators Ltd are completing projects for the 2012 Olympic Games including two Glazed Link Bridges at Stratford Station. The £80 million investment to the Docklands Light Railway is to improve transport for the current 67 million passengers a year and cope with the 500,000 passengers a day during the Olympic Games.

The fully glazed link bridges with escalators, staircases and lifts are part of Britons continual development to innovation allowing us to subcontracting works for cladding and glazing reducing the risk to our clients. One located at Stratford Eastern Egress was completed in April 2010 with the other situated at Abbey Road set to be complete by September 2010.

Railway Stations are not the only major transport steelwork Briton Fabricators Ltd is involved with. Completed projects at Gatwick airport for staircases and tram station steelwork and Out Of Gauge (OOG) Baggage Links are now integral components in the daily workings of the airport. With all employees eligible for airside work, Britons can offer our full range of Steel Products and services available.

Britons has the capability to Design, Build and install Portal Building Extensions and Steel frame buildings. With extensive knowledge in Steelwork, we apply the same high quality stamp that we put on all our products. With new machines to increase speed and accuracy while reducing cost, Briton Fabricators Ltd is now competitive with structural steel and plate girder fabrication.

The precision of the Ficep Gemini cutting machine has enabled Briton Fabricators to undertake projects of finer detail. These include fan assemblies and architectural steel. Current projects include fan assemblies, steel buildings tested to extreme temperatures and steel plate designs for cladding.

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